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Making Sense of the Chaos

Could it be that there is one misconception that underlies all the chaos?


Our early history records a time when spiritual leaders informed the people about how the world worked and how to live their lives.  We find an example of this with the 10 Commandments in the Bible.  As time passed we moved from being guided by spiritual leaders to trusting in science to show us how the world works and how to live our lives.


Making Sense of the Chaos brings us up to date on the discoveries of science and the realization that their original theory was incorrect.  They have now discovered that the world doesn’t work the way they believed it did.


In this book we can see how this one incorrect belief has shaped every aspect of our lives and is the root cause of what we are seeing in the world today.


Dr. Stevens shares with us what that incorrect belief is and how it has shaped our lives.  And, most importantly how we can correct that belief and change our lives and the world.


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